TIAA Stable Return Annuity

TIAA Stable Return Annuity



Current Crediting Rate for New Premiums and Historical Average Annual Returns 
TIAA can establish new rates at any time, but these declarations are typically made once a month. How often the rate changes depends on a number of factors. Rates could change every month for several months, or they could hold steady for several months at a time. Declared rates remain in effect until the end of the "declaration year", which begins each March 1st for accumulating annuities.


* New funds applied to TIAA Stable Return Annuity from November 1, 2015 through November 30, 2015 will be credited with the indicated rates until February 29, 2016. Funds transferred to TIAA Stable Return between November 1, 2015 through November 30, 2015 will begin earning interest at the beginning of the next calendar day following the effective date of the transfer, and will be credited with the indicated rates through February 29, 2016.

TIAA Traditional Annuity and TIAA Stable Return accumulations are credited with interest based on when contributions and transfers are received, and your performance will reflect your pattern of contributions. The returns shown in the table reasonably represent what an individual making level monthly premiums would have historically earned over the time periods. Returns for different time periods are calculated in two steps: monthly performance returns are calculated from an accumulation created by a series of level monthly premiums over the prior 10 years (or the inception date of the product if later), and those monthly returns are linked together to determine historical performance for each of the return periods shown.


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The TIAA Stable Return Annuity is a guaranteed annuity product backed by TIAA's claims-paying ability. It is designed to provide stability, safety of principal, liquidity, guaranteed minimum interest crediting rates, plus the potential for additional amounts in excess of the guaranteed rate. These additional amounts are declared on a year-by-year basis by the TIAA Board of Trustees. In addition, the product allows for guaranteed lifetime annuity income options.

Accumulating Stage Interest Crediting Rates

The interest rates include the minimum guaranteed interest rate (1% - 3% for Stable Return Annuity contracts) plus any additional amounts of interest that may be declared on a year-by-year basis by TIAA's Board of Trustees. Additional interest, when declared, remains in effect for the "declaration year" that begins each March 1 for accumulating annuities. Additional interest is not guaranteed for future years.

Contributions Applied

From 03/01/15 to 02/29/16

01/01/15 - 11/30/151.00%
01/01/14 - 12/31/141.25%
01/01/12 - 12/31/131.00%
07/01/06 - 12/31/111.35%
More about the Stable Return Annuity

Interest credited to TIAA Stable Return Annuity accumulations includes a guaranteed rate plus additional amounts that are not guaranteed but may be established on a year-to-year basis by the TIAA Board of Trustees. The additional amounts, when declared, remain in effect through the end of the "declaration year," which begins each March 1. The minimum guaranteed rate is re-determined annually (but will between 1% and 3%). The minimum guaranteed rate applicable to contributions and transfers into TIAA Stable Return Annuity from March 1, 2013 through February 28, 2014 is 1.00%. TIAA Stable Return Annuity inception date is July 1, 2006.

TIAA Stable Return is a guaranteed insurance contract and not an investment for Federal Securities Law purposes.

The TIAA Stable Return Annuity is immediately liquid to individual plan participants. However, participant transfers and withdrawals are subject to a 90-day "equity wash" designed to mitigate the negative effects of disintermediation. Under the 90-day "equity wash" participants are prohibited from transferring funds from the TIAA Stable Return Annuity to competing funds (e.g., money market funds, short-term bond funds, the TIAA Real Estate Account, stable value funds, and most guaranteed products). Assets must first be transferred to a non-competing fund where they must remain for at least 90 days before being transferred to a competing fund. In addition, when a participant transfers out of the Stable Return Annuity and transfers back within 120 days, the amount, up to the original transfer, will be credited with the same interest rates that would have applied if the transfer out had not taken place. Such interest will be credited from the date the transfer in was made. Interest will not be paid for the period from the date of transfer out to the date of transfer in. This provision is designed to mitigate the effects of disintermediation by discouraging switching for purposes of obtaining a higher interest rate.
The TIAA Stable Return Annuity may not be available under the terms of your employer's plan.

This account is offered under the TIAA Stable Return Annuity Contract.

Stable Return Annuity TIAA contract form series Contract form series SR-01; Certificate series SR-CERT1.

Annuity products are issued by TIAA (Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association), New York, NY.
Investment, insurance and annuity products are not FDIC insured, are not bank guaranteed, are not deposits, are not insured by any federal government agency, are not a condition to any banking service or activity, and may lose value.

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