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The fund's 30-day SEC yield is based on yield to maturity of a fund's investments over a 30-day period and not on the dividends paid by the fund, which may differ.

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The Overall Morningstar Rating is based on risk-adjusted return, and is a weighted average of the applicable 3-, 5-, and 10-year Ratings.

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As of 05/31/2015
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The holdings are subject to change and may not be representative of the fund's current or future investments. The holdings may not include the fund's entire investment portfolio and should not be considered a recommendation to buy or sell a particular security.
As of 05/31/2015
United States Treasury Note--$35,857,1062.47%$35,790,00006/15/20160.50%
United States Treasury Note--$31,499,2262.17%$31,455,00002/15/20170.63%
United States Treasury Inflation Indexed Bonds--$30,568,4432.10%$30,242,40004/15/20200.13%
Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB)--$29,999,6102.07%$30,000,00006/24/2015--%
United States Treasury Note--$26,391,0771.82%$26,315,00008/15/20160.63%
International Finance Facility for Immunisation--$20,001,5401.38%$20,000,00007/05/20160.46%
Bank of Nova Scotia--$15,167,0551.04%$15,000,00009/11/20192.13%
United States Treasury Note--$15,033,9901.03%$15,000,00012/31/20160.63%
Royal Bank of Canada--$14,949,3001.03%$15,000,00002/05/20201.88%
Bear Stearns Commercial Mortgage Securities Trust 2004-PWR2 Series - 2003 PWR2 (Class H)--$14,660,4191.01%$13,335,00005/11/20395.30%
Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB)--$14,061,9080.97%$14,000,00005/24/20170.88%
Structured Agency Credit Risk Debt Note (STACR) Series - 2015 DN1 (Class M2)--$13,171,5740.91%$13,000,00001/25/20252.58%
John Deere Capital Corp--$12,503,5600.86%$12,450,00012/15/20161.05%
Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB)--$11,999,8200.83%$12,000,00002/19/20160.38%
DB Master Finance LLC Series - 2015 1A (Class A2I)--$11,866,3820.82%$11,770,50002/20/20453.26%
LB-UBS Commercial Mortgage Trust 2004-C7 Series - 2004 C7 (Class K)--$11,303,1030.78%$10,691,00010/15/20365.15%
Wells Fargo & Co--$11,039,1930.76%$11,000,00007/20/20161.25%
Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB--$10,987,3610.76%$11,000,00005/29/20181.38%
Citigroup Commercial Mortgage Trust 2007-C6 Series - 2007 C6 (Class AMFX)--$10,610,9100.73%$10,000,00012/10/20495.90%
United States Treasury Inflation Indexed Bonds--$10,554,4800.73%$10,393,70004/15/20170.13%
Banc of America Commercial Mortgage Trust Series - 2006 6 (Class AM)--$10,519,1200.72%$10,000,00010/10/20455.39%
Credit Suisse Commercial Mortgage Trust Series - 2007 C4 (Class A1AJ)--$10,453,7500.72%$10,000,00009/15/20395.90%
Goldman Sachs Group Inc--$10,187,6200.70%$10,000,00002/07/20163.63%
Structured Agency Credit Risk Debt Note (STACR) Series - 2015 HQ1 (Class M2)--$10,078,0700.69%$10,000,00003/25/20252.38%
Wendys Funding LLC 2015- Series - 2015 1A (Class A2I)--$10,039,0000.69%$10,000,00006/15/20453.37%
Bank of America NA--$9,999,9000.69%$10,000,00003/26/20181.65%
Connecticut Avenue Securities Series - 2015 C01 (Class 1M1)--$9,846,0000.68%$9,817,98002/25/20251.68%
SLM Student Loan Trust Series - 2012 A (Class A2)--$9,510,8040.65%$9,000,00001/17/20453.83%
Bank of America Corp--$9,413,9540.65%$9,350,00001/11/20182.00%
Ford Credit Auto Owner Trust Series - 2014 2 (Class B)--$9,334,5080.64%$9,250,00004/15/20262.51%
COBALT CMBS Commercial Mortgage Trust Series - 2007 C3 (Class AM)--$9,319,7900.64%$8,670,00005/15/20465.77%
Wachovia Bank Commercial Mortgage Trust Series - 2007 C30 (Class AM)--$9,232,4840.64%$8,735,00012/15/20435.38%
Banc of America Commercial Mortgage Trust Series - 2007 1 (Class AM)--$9,147,0050.63%$8,750,00001/15/20495.42%
Flagstar Home Equity Loan Trust 2006-2 Series - 2006 2A (Class A)--$9,057,6960.62%$9,141,81906/25/20190.34%
California Republic Auto Receivables Trust Series - 2015 1 (Class A2)--$9,005,7060.62%$9,000,00012/15/20170.88%
Toronto-Dominion Bank--$8,999,5680.62%$9,000,00004/02/20201.95%
Wachovia Bank Commercial Mortgage Trust Series - 2007 C32 (Class AMFX)--$8,547,3680.59%$8,000,00006/15/20495.70%
Nederlandse Waterschapsbank NV--$8,435,2900.58%$8,300,00003/13/20191.88%
Hospital for Special Surgery--$8,340,1630.57%$8,155,00401/01/20233.50%
JP Morgan Chase Commercial Mortgage Securities Trust 2006-LDP6 Series - 2006 LDP6 (Class AJ)--$8,195,2960.56%$8,000,00004/15/20435.57%
Connecticut Avenue Securities Series - 2014 C02 (Class 1M1)--$8,179,5550.56%$8,219,32005/25/20241.13%
SLM Student Loan Trust Series - 2012 B (Class A2)--$8,089,7000.56%$7,800,00010/15/20303.48%
Caisse Centrale Desjardins du Quebec--$8,088,7120.56%$8,000,00003/06/20171.60%
Credit Suisse Commercial Mortgage Trust Series - 2007 C2 (Class AMFL)--$7,988,5170.55%$8,286,58501/15/20490.42%
SpareBank Boligkreditt AS.--$7,959,7920.55%$8,000,00005/02/20181.25%
CarMax Auto Owner Trust Series - 2012 2 (Class B)--$7,934,9200.55%$7,870,00002/15/20181.73%
United States Treasury Note--$7,586,5720.52%$7,550,00012/15/20171.00%
COBALT CMBS Commercial Mortgage Trust Series - 2007 C2 (Class AMFX)--$7,281,1180.50%$6,840,00004/15/20475.53%
Hertz Vehicle Financing LLC Series - 2013 1A (Class A1)--$7,002,1770.48%$7,000,00008/25/20171.12%
LB-UBS Commercial Mortgage Trust Series - 2007 C1 (Class AJ)--$6,983,8660.48%$6,700,00002/15/20405.48%
Sierra Timeshare 2014-1A Receivables Funding LLC Series - 2014 1A (Class B)--$6,771,5960.47%$6,763,62203/20/20302.42%
Citigroup Inc--$6,763,3250.47%$6,750,00011/15/20161.30%
Structured Agency Credit Risk Debt Note (STACR) Series - 2015 DN1 (Class M1)--$6,340,7890.44%$6,341,42401/25/20251.43%
Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA) Series - 2013 136 (Class KA)--$6,322,3460.44%$6,230,72905/25/20252.00%
Credit Suisse Mortgage Capital Certificates Series - 2006 C4 (Class AM)--$6,223,0850.43%$5,935,00009/15/20395.51%
Medtronic Inc--$6,186,6950.43%$6,175,00003/15/20181.50%
Verizon Communications Inc--$6,136,8560.42%$6,090,00002/21/20202.63%
CCR Inc Series - 2010 CX (Class C)--$6,101,9350.42%$6,205,39807/10/20170.63%
Private Export Funding Corp (PEFCO)--$6,058,3860.42%$6,000,00002/15/20171.38%
United States Treasury Note--$6,029,2360.42%$6,025,00005/31/20160.38%
Ford Credit Floorplan Master Owner Trust Series - 2013 1 (Class C)--$6,019,5260.41%$6,005,00001/15/20181.37%
Ukraine Government AID Bonds--$6,011,4600.41%$6,000,00005/29/20201.85%
Pentair Finance S.A.--$5,932,0510.41%$5,925,00012/01/20151.35%
RAMP Series - 2005 RS6 (Class M2)--$5,866,1760.40%$6,000,00006/25/20350.69%
Kreditanstalt Fuer Wiederaufbau--$5,462,2900.38%$5,000,00003/15/20184.38%
COBALT CMBS Commercial Mortgage Trust 2007-C3 Series - 2007 C3 (Class A1A)--$5,403,9470.37%$5,072,87605/15/20465.76%
NYCTL Trust Series - 2014 A (Class A)--$5,371,3270.37%$5,377,78111/10/20271.03%
Banc of America Commercial Mortgage Trust Series - 2007 1 (Class AMFX)--$5,233,1700.36%$5,000,00001/15/20495.48%
American Express Credit Account Master Trust Series - 2012 2 (Class C)--$5,202,7140.36%$5,200,00003/15/20181.29%
Morgan Stanley Capital I Trust Series - 2006 HQ10 (Class AJ)--$5,160,6050.36%$5,000,00011/12/20415.39%
National Australia Bank Ltd--$5,064,4750.35%$5,000,00009/09/20192.13%
United States Treasury Note--$5,048,8300.35%$5,000,00009/30/20181.38%
General Electric Capital Corp--$5,046,1700.35%$5,000,00007/12/20161.50%
Westpac Banking Corp--$5,042,1300.35%$5,000,00011/26/20181.85%
Toronto-Dominion Bank--$5,039,3650.35%$5,000,00003/13/20181.63%
Zimmer Holdings Inc--$5,037,0200.35%$5,000,00004/01/20182.00%
Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund Finance Corp--$5,030,7500.35%$5,000,00007/01/20161.30%
Kommunalbanken AS.--$5,018,9450.35%$5,000,00010/03/20160.88%
US Bank NA--$5,018,5550.35%$5,000,00001/30/20171.10%
Wells Fargo & Co--$5,016,9700.35%$5,000,00009/08/20171.40%
Amphenol Corp--$5,015,3900.35%$5,000,00009/15/20171.55%
Branch Banking & Trust Co--$5,015,2000.35%$5,000,00010/01/20171.35%
PNC Bank NA--$5,012,8850.35%$5,000,00002/23/20181.50%
Chevron Corp--$5,012,7450.35%$5,000,00003/02/20181.37%
JPMorgan Chase & Co--$5,011,6450.34%$5,000,00003/01/20181.70%
HSBC USA Inc--$5,010,6800.34%$5,000,00003/05/20181.70%
Exxon Mobil Corp--$5,010,1000.34%$5,000,00003/06/20181.31%
Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB)--$5,006,9700.34%$5,000,00012/28/20160.63%
DNB Boligkreditt AS.--$5,003,1000.34%$5,000,00005/28/20202.00%
Walt Disney Co--$4,998,3050.34%$5,000,00005/30/20170.88%
Berkshire Hathaway Energy Co--$4,996,8950.34%$5,000,00005/15/20171.10%
Verizon Communications Inc--$4,996,8050.34%$5,000,00006/09/20171.35%
Bank of America NA--$4,995,6500.34%$5,000,00006/05/20181.75%
Glencore Funding LLC--$4,988,1750.34%$5,000,00004/16/20182.13%
Xcel Energy Inc--$4,987,7400.34%$5,000,00005/09/20160.75%
Monsanto Co--$4,983,4400.34%$5,000,00006/30/20171.15%
Huntington National Bank--$4,968,4700.34%$5,000,00011/20/20161.30%
Structured Agency Credit Risk Debt Note (STACR) Series - 2015 HQ1 (Class M1)--$4,932,3590.34%$4,948,13403/25/20251.23%
Export-Import Bank of Korea--$4,923,0300.34%$4,925,00002/27/20181.75%
L-3 Communications Corp--$4,909,4600.34%$4,950,00005/28/20171.50%

The '% of Net Assets' column will not sum to 100%, due to cash, other assets & liabilities being excluded from the list.

The Fund is subject to interest rate risk and credit risk. In addition, mortgage-backed securities in which the fund may invest are subject to extension risk and prepayment risk.

TIAA-CREF Individual & Institutional Services, LLC, Teachers Personal Investors Services, Inc., and Nuveen Securities, LLC, Members FINRA and SIPC, distribute securities products. Annuity contracts and certificates are issued by Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America (TIAA) and College Retirement Equities Fund (CREF), New York, NY. Investment products, insurance and annuity products: are not FDIC insured, are not bank guaranteed, are not deposits, are not insured by any federal government agency, are not a condition to any banking service or activity, and may lose value.