CREF Variable Annuity

CREF Money Market Account (R1)


Unit Value


Day's Change


Portfolio Net Assets


Expense Charge

Expenses are estimated each year based on projected expense and asset levels. Differences between actual expenses and the estimate are adjusted quarterly and are reflected in current investment results.

The Account’s total annual expense deduction appears in the Account's prospectus, and may be different than that shown herein due to rounding. Please refer to the prospectus for further details.

7-Day Current / Effective Ann. Yield

The current yield more closely reflects current earnings than does the total return.

7-Day Current Annualized Yield – A simple interest calculation. A measure of return that divides average net income received over a 7-day period by the average balance in your account and multiplies the result by 365 to get an annual equivalent. This measure reflects income actually received over the last 7 days and differs from Effective Annualized Yield in that it does not reflect compounding.

7-Day Effective Annualized Yield – A compound interest calculation. A measure of return that compounds the 7-Day Current Yield to an annual figure. This measure assumes that dividends are reinvested and that an investor will earn the 7-Day Yield for an entire year. It also reflects interest earned on interest, or compounded interest.

52 Week Range

0.0000 (0.00%)
0.00% / 0.00%
$25.5337 - $25.5338
As of close 02/10/2016As of 01/31/2016As of 02/10/2016

Historical Money Market Holdings

This page contains a link(s) to the monthly holdings reports for this fund/account for the month(s) listed below. The monthly holdings report contains a complete listing of the holdings for this fund/account for each period.

01/2015 Holdings Report (PDF) N-MFP Form
02/2015 Holdings Report (PDF) N-MFP Form
03/2015 Holdings Report (PDF) N-MFP Form
04/2015 Holdings Report (PDF) N-MFP Form
05/2015 Holdings Report (PDF) N-MFP Form
06/2015 Holdings Report (PDF) N-MFP Form
07/2015 Holdings Report (PDF) N-MFP Form
08/2015 Holdings Report (PDF) N-MFP Form
09/2015 Holdings Report (PDF) N-MFP Form
10/2015 Holdings Report (PDF) N-MFP Form
11/2015 Holdings Report (PDF) N-MFP Form
12/2015 Holdings Report (PDF) N-MFP Form
01/2016 Holdings Report (PDF) N-MFP Form
As of April 24, 2015, additional classes of CREF Accounts are available with different eligibility requirements. Please visit the account’s prospectus at for more information.
Beginning July 16, 2009, TIAA withheld a portion of the distribution Rule 12b-1 and as necessary, administrative expenses for the Money Market Account. TIAA will end the voluntary withholding of expenses by April 14, 2017, and any amounts waived by TIAA within the three year period prior to termination of the waiver may be subject to recoupment by TIAA. TIAA may recover from the Account a portion of the amounts waived at such time as the Class's daily yield would be positive absent the effect of the waiver, and in such event the amount of recovery on any day will be approximately 25% of the class's yield (net of all expenses) on that day. As a result of the share class conversion on April 24, 2015, previously recoverable amounts have been allocated to the newly formed Classes. For more information on the pending termination of the voluntary waiver please see the Account's prospectus.

An investment in the CREF Money Market Account is not a deposit of any bank and is neither insured nor guaranteed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or any other U.S. government agency. It is possible to lose money in this Account. The current yield more closely reflects the account's current earnings than does the total return.

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