Get your questions answered, find forms, and learn how your investments are taxed.

If you are due a tax form related to your TIAA-CREF accounts, it will be sent to you according to the schedule below. (See "When will I receive my tax forms?") Default delivery method is U.S. Postal Service. If you sign up for eDelivery you will receive an email notice when your tax forms are ready to view online. (Note: To receive notices of forms due in January, be sure to sign up for eDelivery by the end of December.)

Tax-saving Tools

IRA Contribution Limits
Find out how much you can contribute to an IRA and which IRA options exist.

Tax Advantage (TDA) Calculator
See why contributing to a tax-deferred annuity can help you save more for retirement while reducing your taxable income.

Webinar: A Tax-Smart Way to Save for Retirement
Find out how to save money on taxes while you potentially build a bigger retirement nest egg in this ten-minute tutorial.

College Savings Planner
Calculate the future cost of college and how much you can save on taxes with a 529 Plan.

Tax preparation made easier

When you sign up for eDelivery, you can be assured that you will receive statements and tax forms from TIAA-CREF in the quickest way possible. Plus, you'll have a secure, online archive of the forms you need for tax filing for up to seven years.

Change your tax withholding

Want to change tax withholding from your TIAA-CREF payments? Elect your withholding preference online – it’s secure and paperless.