Systematic Cash Withdrawals From Keogh

Complete this form to receive a series of cash withdrawals from your Keogh.

Systematic Cash Withdrawals From a Keogh (PDF)

The payment you are requesting can be rolled over into another eligible retirement plan, so we are required to explain the tax-favored rollover options available to you. Please print and read the IRS Notice (PDF), or call us for a copy.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do I find my contract numbers?
  • Can I fax the withdrawal form?
  • How is my income taxed?
  • I want to designate state tax withholding, but I'm in a non-mandatory withholding state. How do I designate this?
  • How do I determine the correct tax withholding for withdrawals?
  • What should I consider when withdrawing funds?
  • When can I withdraw funds from an employer-sponsored retirement plan?
  • Why do I need to fill out the spousal waiver section

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