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Transfer Funds
Transfer existing funds within your retirement account.
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Change Your Allocations
Change how contributions to your retirement account are divided among the available investments.
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Change of Name
Change your name of record.
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Record of Age
Confirm your age for lifetime income.
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Authorization to Access TIAA-CREF Accounts
Request to authorize a person or an organization to discuss your accounts (Pension/IRA/Non-Qualified/Insurance) with a TIAA-CREF representative, receive information or view information via online or download, and act on a client's behalf
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Brokerage Power of Attorney
Designates a Power of Attorney, granting trading and limited disbursement authorities
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Brokerage Certification of Legal Name
Verifies any other legal name of the account holder that is not used on the original account registration
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Addendum for Public Plans – Spousal Consent
Addendum for Non-ERISA public plans requiring spousal consent. Additional uses may be applicable.
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Brokerage IRA Resource Checking Application
Application for IRA Resource Checking, enabling increased flexibility to one's self-directed individual retirement account
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ATRA - TPA for Reinvestments
Initially request reinvestments as the option for a Transfer Payout Annuity for After-Tax Retirement Annuities
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Retirement Choice – TPA for Reinvestments
Request for systematic transfers from a TIAA Traditional to a CREF Variable account and/or Mutual Fund retirement account
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Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO)
Sample QDRO used to divide accounts due to a court order.
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Life Insurance Transfer of Ownership
Transfer the ownership of your life insurance policy
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Mutual Fund IRA Account Services
Make changes to your TIAA-CREF Mutual Fund IRA information and features.
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Mutual Fund Account Services
Make changes to your TIAA-CREF Mutual Fund Account information and features.
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Mutual Fund Power of Attorney
To add or change the Power of Attorney on your account.
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Privacy Revocation
To let TIAA-CREF send you new product sales information.
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Mutual Fund Account Redemption and Transfer Request Form for Non-Retirement Accounts
Use this form to redeem, transfer or change the ownership of your non-IRA accounts with TIAA-CREF Funds

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