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TIAA-CREF Brokerage Services Account ApplicationOpen a new Brokerage Services account. Complete Online N/A
Brokerage Account Transfer
Transfer assets from your current brokerage firm to a TIAA-CREF Brokerage Services account.
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Brokerage Services Automatic Investment Plan
Set up automatic investments into existing mutual fund positions held in your brokerage account.
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Brokerage IRA Distribution
Request for funds to be distributed from a Brokerage IRA account

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Brokerage Power of Attorney
Designates a Power of Attorney, granting trading and limited disbursement authorities
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Brokerage Individual Transfer on Death
Adds an individual as beneficiary to a taxable Brokerage Services account, while authorizing TIAA to open a transfer on death account
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Brokerage Joint Transfer on Death
Authorizes TIAA-CREF to open a transfer on death account when involving with a Joint with Right of Survivorship account within Brokerage Services
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Brokerage Designation of Beneficiary
Allows the client to designate a primary and contingent beneficiary for existing Brokerage Services accounts
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Brokerage Certification of Legal Name
Verifies any other legal name of the account holder that is not used on the original account registration
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Brokerage Outgoing Federal Funds Wire Transfer
Used to request a Domestic US currency Federal Funds wire transfer from one's taxable non-retirement Brokerage Services account
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Brokerage IRA Resource Checking Application
Application for IRA Resource Checking, enabling increased flexibility to one's self-directed individual retirement account
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