As a woman, you nurture and help protect the people you love every day.

But have you considered the importance of life insurance in helping to protect their future?

Insurance and your financial plan

Women continue to reach new milestones. In the past generation alone, more women have become their family's primary breadwinners.1 As we reach new heights, professionally, personally, and financially, some things never change. We still seek to nurture and care for the people we love, promising a supportive ear to a friend, or the future of a college education to our children.

As we continue to grow, we learn more about the importance of having a solid financial plan to help us keep our promises. But where does life insurance fit into that plan?

Is your largest asset — your anticipated future earnings and contribution to your household — properly insured? Life insurance can help protect your family's future in the event of your loss by providing proceeds that are generally federally income tax free to your survivors.2 The appropriate amount of insurance depends on your needs and personal circumstances, but both you and your spouse or partner may each need life insurance equal to at least 10 times your annual salaries.

Has your life insurance kept pace with your life?

Our lives are continually changing. In this coming year alone you may accept a new job or promotion, welcome a child into your family, buy a home, or take on debt. As you experience those changes, it’s important to determine if your life insurance needs have changed too.

When determining your insurance needs, take into account:

  • Your outstanding mortgage and other outstanding loans
  • Your amount of debt
  • The amount of income your family needs to pay the bills
  • The number of people who depend upon you for support
  • Your children’s college expenses

Adequate life insurance protection can help you keep the promises you make to your loved ones each day, even in the event of your passing. As you experience important events in your life, it’s important for your life insurance to keep pace.


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