As a woman your life is unique and as it changes, there are many opportunities to evaluate your life insurance coverage.

Consider some of these events. 

I am the primary wage-earner.

You are in good company. Statistics show this is the case in 38% of families1 today. As roles and responsibilities change in our households, it becomes increasingly important for women to reassess their life insurance needs.

This is especially true for women who have become their family's primary wage-earner. Depending on your circumstances, you — and your spouse or partner — may each need up to 10 times your current annual salaries in life insurance protection.

I am single.

Single women often don’t give much thought to life insurance, but as the head of your household, have you considered what would happen if you passed away unexpectedly?

Ask yourself:

  • Would there be enough money in your estate to cover your debts?
  • Who would be affected by financial obligations you leave behind?

By owning an adequate amount of life insurance that can help cover these costs, your family may be able to have peace of mind during a very difficult time.

If you have children who depend on you, it's doubly important to be sure you have enough coverage to help safeguard your children's financial future. You’ll want to consider how much permanent or term life insurance you’ll need to pay for the home they live in, daily living expenses like food and clothing, and their education should something happen to you.

I am a stay-at-home mom.

Even though you are not earning a salary, your contribution to the household is significant. What would your family do in your absence? Would they have to move to a smaller home or apartment? Could they continue to pay for daycare? And what effect would it have on saving for your children’s college educations?

If you do not own sufficient life insurance protection, you are undervaluing the significance of your work to your family. Should you die, your life insurance can help cover expenses, help pay off the mortgage, and even help fund your children's educations.

Understanding your life insurance needs and how they can change over time doesn't have to be complex. If you have questions or if you'd simply like to learn more about how TIAA-CREF Life Insurance Company can help you keep the promises you’ve made to your loved ones, our TIAA-CREF Life Insurance Representatives are happy to help. Call us weekdays at 877 276-9429 or click here to

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