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U.S. Equity

These funds are invested in companies located in the United States and are generally considered more aggressive than bonds.

U.S. equity funds provide the opportunity for long-term return primarily through capital appreciation.

TIAA-CREF U.S. Equity Funds

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International Equity

These funds are invested in the stocks of international companies — some focus on foreign stocks in developing countries to access emerging growth opportunities, while others focus on regions that are more developed and stable.

TIAA-CREF International Equity Funds

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Fixed Income

These funds are invested in government or corporate debt (also known as bonds) — they are considered more conservative and provide the opportunity for income.

TIAA-CREF Fixed Income Funds

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Lifestyle Funds

Lifestyle funds are made up of a series of funds that cover the risk/reward spectrum — ranging from conservative to aggressive. These funds can serve as a core holding in your portfolio or as a standalone investment.

Choose a fund that meets your current life situation and risk profile.

TIAA-CREF Lifestyle Funds

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Asset Allocation

These funds invest across a combination of stocks and bonds in a single fund. Asset allocation funds are more diversified than a portfolio comprised entirely of all stocks.

TIAA-CREF Asset Allocation Funds

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Money Market

This fund invests in very high-quality, short-term money market instruments. Investors can use this fund to help meet their liquidity needs.

Money market funds can offer stability and generally have the lowest risk among mutual funds.

TIAA-CREF Money Market Funds

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