Get to know our process — and our people from Private Asset Management

From the selection of individual securities and mutual funds to the careful attention given to building your custom-tailored portfolio, our approach focuses on helping you fulfill your investment needs and meet your financial goals.

The videos below feature our key investment professionals who describe the process supporting our strategies.

Private Asset Management Video - Susan Tannehill

Our Investment Capabilities
Learn how we combine the breadth of our investment expertise with our extensive resources to monitor the trade-off between expected returns and underlying risk within a global backdrop. Watch video>

Susan Tannehill, Senior Managing Director, Portfolio Management and Investment Strategy

Private Asset Management Video - Dennis McDonald

Our Unique Asset Allocation Approach
Hear insights on how we combine our proprietary asset allocation approach with a significant focus on investment risk to help you pursue your specific financial goals. Watch video>

Dennis McDonald, Managing Director, Portfolio Strategy

Private Asset Management Video - Ellyn Korzun

Our Fixed Income Strategy
Find out how a professionally managed fixed income portfolio can help deliver reliable retirement income and anchor your investment portfolio. Watch video>

Ellyn Korzun, Senior Director, Portfolio Management/Fixed Income

Private Asset Management Video - Richard Graziadei

Our Approach to Managing Equities
Get an overview of our managed equity strategy and our strong focus on managing risk in your portfolio. Watch video>

Richard Graziadei, Managing Director, Portfolio Management/Equities

Private Asset Management Video - Greg Ellston

Manager Selection
Learn how our defined evaluation process helps us select managers for your portfolio based on their bias and how they perform in both rising and falling markets. Watch video>

Greg Ellston, Senior Director, Product Research

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