Whether you are an individual with a taxable account, a foundation, or a client who has put assets in a trust, we approach our responsibilities the same way — focusing on what’s best for you.

Our proprietary asset allocation process is at the core of what we do. It is highly risk sensitive with the goal of improving overall portfolio risk-adjusted returns. We have always believed in — and focused on — managing downside risk while striving to achieve strong investment returns, especially in extreme market environments.

We manage your money like it’s our own.

We scrutinize each potential individual security, mutual fund, Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF), and non-correlated investment from every possible angle, ensuring that each investment:

We continuously monitor securities to make sure your portfolio stays on track — when a security no longer meets our standards, we evaluate removing it from your portfolio.

Balancing potential returns with prudent risk management.

To manage risk and grow your investments, we employ a broad range of allocation strategies at the general asset level — such as stocks, bonds, cash and alternatives — and within each of those asset classes. Through our proprietary model, we rigorously analyze best- and worst-case scenarios to help ensure we meet your expectations.

Selecting specific assets for your portfolio.

We consider each stock as if we were buying the whole company. We conduct exhaustive fundamental research into how the company is financed and managed. We want to know if they have a scalable business model, strong managers, and a distinct, competitive advantage. If it’s a business we would consider owning, then it’s a stock we’ll consider buying.

Through our disciplined investment process, we have delivered long-term fixed income performance while preserving capital with stringent risk management. We take an active approach — studying economic trends, interest rates, and the credit environment — not only to identify market opportunities, but to capitalize on them as well. Our experienced team selects only high-quality securities with the potential necessary to deliver the competitive total return clients want and need over the long term.

We apply our mutual fund manager selection strategy where we pair mutual funds that perform well in up markets with those that perform well in down markets.

Of course, no investment strategy can ensure a profit or guarantee against loss.

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