Your TIAA-CREF Advisor follows a specific process to understand your unique situation and needs. We will implement a strategy to meet your needs and help you stay on track.

Our Process

Our Process

1. Assess Needs

We help you define your investment goals and focus on how you want your money managed.

2. Analysis and Alternatives

We analyze your investment objectives, risk tolerance, and specific investment preferences. Funds and other securities are also evaluated for inclusion in your portfolio.

3. Present and Recommend

Once we understand your current situation and goals, we recommend an asset allocation strategy and investments that are selected to help reach your goals.

4. Implement Plan/Strategy

After discussing your investment strategy and how it aligns with your overall financial plan, we implement your personalized portfolio.

5. Ongoing Review

Things change. That’s why we perform ongoing research and due diligence on securities we’ve selected for your portfolio and:

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 Portfolio Advisor - Our Process for Building and Managing Your Portfolio
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