There are two equally important phases in a typical retirement portfolio: the accumulation phase, when you work and save to build up assets; and the distribution phase, when you start taking income to help meet your living needs — for a retirement that could last 30 years or more. Portfolio Advisor can help you better manage both phases and help maximize your chances of creating long-term retirement income.

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Portfolio Advisor Managed Income Strategies

When you start nearing retirement — and the distribution phase of your portfolio — a different set of risks can affect your portfolio, so it makes sense to manage your portfolio differently. One of those risks is called Sequence of Returns. If you’ve been building your retirement portfolio for a while, you’ve probably experienced a few market cycles — periods of greater and lesser returns. And chances are, over the years you’ve had a certain “average” rate of return — and compounded growth.

However, as you near or begin the distribution phase — taking income to help meet your living needs — there’s a potential problem. If you start withdrawing income during a “down” cycle (which may last 10 years or longer), it can result in literally the opposite of compounded growth. And your portfolio may be eroded to the point that you are not left with enough assets to generate the income you need for the entire length of your retirement.

Managed Income Strategies takes this and other distribution-phase risks into account to help invest and seek to grow your portfolio in a way that increases the chances of achieving long-term financial well-being.

The goal: More income for more years

Few people are able to rely on yield alone to produce the retirement income they need — most have to spend down the assets they’ve saved over many years. The approach you take — and how you manage these assets while living on them — can make a difference of several years’ worth of income. With the right help you can put together a realistic plan to create long-term retirement income — and help realize the financial well-being you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

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