Save time, research, and worry with the Portfolio Advisor program.

Managing an investment portfolio is a challenging, ongoing job. Portfolio Advisor manages taxable and IRA investments using a strategy customized to your needs, goals and personal beliefs. We handle all ongoing investment decisions — like investment selection, asset allocation, and rebalancing — on your behalf.

Key program features:

Unique value and advantages

Unique value and advantages 
TIAA-CREF builds, manages, and monitors your portfolio to help ensure that it stays on track with your objectives and goals.

A portfolio based on your what’s important to you

A portfolio based on what's important to you 
Your advisor works with you to gain a deep understanding of your investment goals and needs. Based on this understanding, disciplined research, and careful asset selection, TIAA-CREF designs a portfolio customized to your requirements for asset growth or retirement income.

The investment process

The investment process  
We design your portfolio for you, based on your personal needs combined with our strategic asset allocation and disciplined ongoing research process.

Ready to get started?

To learn more about Portfolio Advisor, please call your Advisor. If you don’t have a TIAA-CREF Advisor, you can:

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 Portfolio Advisor - How Portfolio Advisor Meets Your Needs
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