IRA Rollover Comparison*


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TIAA-CREF has rollover solutions to help you make the most of your retirement planning. While all of our IRAs offer a broad range of investment choices, there are some distinct differences between them. Review the various options below to determine which TIAA-CREF IRA is right for you.

Investment Style Guaranteed Retirement Income Eligibility Restriction Choose If...
Investment Solutions IRA $0 Self-Directed Yes Yes**
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You value access to exclusive TIAA-CREF funds with the potential to create guaranteed income1 when you retire.
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Brokerage Services IRA $0 Self-Directed No No You're comfortable managing your own investments and you want more investment choices for your account.
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Portfolio Advisor IRA $50,000 Unique Professional Management No No
You want professional help and a portfolio tailored to your goals and what’s important to you.
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