If you want access to the full range of TIAA-CREF annuities and mutual funds, and professional help when you need it, then our Investment Solutions IRA is an excellent choice for you. This IRA provides one of the widest arrays of investment choices in the industry and includes: TIAA Traditional Annuity, TIAA real estate account, TIAA-CREF Lifecycle Funds. You'll also have access to a brokerage account for stocks, bonds, ETFs, CDs and more.1

What you get

Minimum Investment: $0


What you can invest in

Stocks, bonds, CDs, ETFs, thousands of non-proprietary funds and TIAA-CREF funds including:

TIAA-CREF Traditional (PDF)
is a fixed rate annuity that offers a guaranteed interest rate on your principal up to and during retirement.

TIAA Real Estate Account
invests in commercial real estate, offering you diversification beyond traditional equity and fixed income securities.

TIAA-CREF Lifecycle Funds
a series of target retirement date funds where you select the fund that most closely matches your retirement year.Our Lifecycle 2040 Fund, for example, is if you plan to retire in or around 2040. With these funds your investment mix is adjusted automatically, going from more aggressive to more conservation as you near retirement.4



You can open an Investment Solutions IRA if you or a family member:

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