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Different retirement goals require different approaches to investing. We offer a range of options based how much guidance you’d like and how you want to invest your retirement savings.

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Things to Consider This IRA lets you invest in TIAA-CREF fixed and variable annuities, TIAA-CREF mutual funds, and stocks, bonds, ETFs, CDs and non-proprietary mutual funds. TIAA-CREF advice and guidance are also available at no cost with this IRA. This IRA lets you invest in TIAA-CREF mutual funds and stocks, bonds, ETFs, CDs, annuities and non-proprietary mutual funds. This IRA gets you a professionally managed portfolio using a strategy that is customized to your individual retirement goals.
Who's eligible Those who participate in a TIAA-CREF plan (and their families)
who work for or who are retired from an eligible institution (and their families)*
Open to all Open to all
What you get
What you can invest in Asset allocated mix of investments, including stock and bond mutual funds and ETFs.
Which IRA types are available Traditional, Roth, SEP Traditional, Roth, SEP, SIMPLE and Inherited Traditional, Roth, SEP and Inherited
Minimum investment $0 $0 $50,000
Annual maintenance fee $0 $0 $0**