Our fees are generally less than half the mutual fund average.How much you pay for your brokerage account can vary depending on a number of factors. Each time you buy or sell a security, you will also incur a transaction fee or commission. One exception is if you purchase or redeem shares of the firm’s designated no-transaction fee (NTF) mutual funds.

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Equity trades – $14.95

Trades are $9.95 for clients who meet one of the following criteria:

  • Clients with TIAA-CREF brokerage assets over $250,000
  • Have a Portfolio Advisor account and linked retail brokerage account
Automated Telephone System (ATS)$35
Client Service Assistance
800 927-3059
Foreign Securities$75 for each order (not applicable to American Depositary Receipts) + commission
Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) Ordinary and ADR
  • All opening transactions in designated French companies will be subject to the French FTT at a rate of 0.20% of the total transaction cost.
  • All opening transactions in designated Italian companies with a market capitalization greater than 500 million Euros will be subject to the Italian FTT. 2013 rate = .0012- .0022; 2014 rate = .0010 - .0020.
ADR Agent Servicing FeeFee will generally range from $0.01 - $0.03 per share. Amounts will differ by ADR. Please refer to the ADR prospectus for specific fee and other information.

Equity Notes:

  • Fees shown reflect stock prices greater than $1 per share. Orders to buy shares priced under $1 will not be accepted.
  • Orders to sell shares priced under $1 are handled via Client Service Assistance at $14.95 per the online commission rate above, based on your eligibility.
  • The lower fee is based on a household asset balance of $250,000 held in Brokerage Services. Contact a TIAA-CREF Brokerage Specialist regarding householding eligibility.

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Bonds & CDs

Bonds and CDs are available via Client Service Assistance. Please call 800 927-3059 for more information. TIAA-CREF may execute certain fixed income transactions for your account on either an agency or principal basis. If we execute on an agency basis, the commissions listed below will apply. If we execute on a principal basis, we will sell a fixed income product to you (or buy it from you), which we contemporaneously purchase (or sell) to a third party. If so, the net compensation earned by TIAA-CREF will include a mark-up.

If we sell a fixed income product to you, the mark-up is the difference between the sales price to you and the price we pay to purchase the product from a third party. If we buy a fixed income product from you, the mark-up is the difference between the sales price to the third party and the price we pay to purchase the security from you.

U.S. Treasury Securities
New Issues (at auction)$50 per transaction
Existing Issues$1 per $1,000 face amount, $50 minimum
Municipal bonds, government agency bonds, unlisted (over-the-counter, or OTC) corporate bonds and mortgage-backed securities$50 + $2 per bond
Certificates of Deposit
New IssuesPurchase minimums of $5,000, no commission (interest rate reflects issuing bank's fee)
Sale Before Maturity$35 per transaction (actual value may be less than par due to early redemption)

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Online$9.95 / $14.95 + $2 per contract based on eligibility.
Automated Telephone$35 + $2 per contract
Person$55 + $2.50 per contract
Options Exercise / Assignment Fee$25

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Mutual Funds
No Transaction Fee (NTF) Funds

Minimum initial investment for most funds: $2,500 for non-retirement accounts and $500 for IRAs. Subsequent Investment: $500 for each.

Short-term redemptions fee: $50 minimum for shares held less than six months (waived for shares transferred from another brokerage firm or financial institution). Additional redemption fees may apply as set forth in each fund’s prospectus.

Dollar cost averaging transactions, no fee; minimum transaction $100.

Transaction Fee (TF) Funds

Transaction fee: $50 per trade regardless of order size.

Minimum initial and additional investments typically based on amount listed in the fund’s prospectus. Dollar cost averaging transactions, no fee; minimum transaction $100.

Exchanges: $8 per trade regardless of order size.

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Account Maintenance Fees
Foreign Securities$75 for each order (not applicable to American Depositary Receipts) + commission
Foreign Security Receive and Deliver Fee$75
Safekeeping fee for Physical Securities$2 per account, per position, per month
Wired funds fee$25
Overnight Check Delivery$12
NSF/Return Check Deposit$25
Margin Extensions$15
Transfers - GNMA, Restricted, Legal$65 (per transfer)
Transfers – Register and Ship$80 (per transfer, plus any third-party charges, including a DTCC charge of $500)
Transfers – Outgoing Account$50
Transfers – Accommodation$80 (per transfer)
Reorganizations - Voluntary$25
Post Effective Reorganization Requests - Voluntary$75
Account Research$20 per hour
Stop Payment Order Fee$15
IRA Termination Fee$130
ACH Return Fee$25

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Cash Solutions Account (CSA)
FeesSilver TierGold TierPlatinum Tier
Annual Fees$25$65$110
Initial check order (includes checkbook, register, deposit tickets and 40 checks)FreeFreeFree
Check Reorder$15$10Free
Business Style Checks – initial order, includes binder$60$60$60
Business Style Check Reorder$50$50$50
Stop Payments (on checks)$25$25Free
Lost or stolen checkbook replacement$25$25$25
Returned check or Automated Clearing House (ACH) transaction$25$25$25
Copy of cancelled check or Visa draft$2.50 per copy$2.50 per copy$2.50 per copy
CSA Checks – Overnight Delivery$20$20$20
Cash AdvanceN/A.25% of transaction.25% of transaction
Bill payment through BillSuiteFreeFreeFree

Note: Silver Tier annual fee is waived for accounts that have $25,000 or more in average month-end closing cash sweep balances.

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