A brokerage account is an account at a financial firm that lets you buy, sell and hold a wide variety of investments. You benefit from expanded investment opportunities and the flexibility to target short-, intermediate- and long-term goals with individual securities or collective investments.

Questions to ask yourself when considering a brokerage account:

What are my financial goals?

Whatever your financial goals are, a brokerage account can help you. These are just a few examples of how you can try to meet your goals:

If your goal is:
Monthly budgeting
Home renovation
Retirement savings

Consider this brokerage solution
Cash management account
FDIC-insured money market sweep account, CD
Target date mutual funds
Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds
Dividend-paying stocks and/or mutual funds

These are just a few examples of how a brokerage account can help you meet a variety of goals.

How do I select a broker?

Ask plenty of questions up front to make sure the broker has your interests in mind. Before deciding which brokerage firm to do business with, it is important to know what they charge and what services you can expect in return.

Compare these traits:

  • Reputation - Know who you're dealing with and how experienced they are.
  • Level of service - Make sure they can support you when you need it.
  • Cost - Look for a company who is straightforward with their fees.

What if I need help?

Many brokerage firms will help you open your account and narrow down your investment choices. Some firms will even make the buy and sell decisions for you.

Levels of support commonly offered to brokerage clients:

  • Portfolio allocation guidance
  • Investment recommendations
  • Personal assistance from a licensed consultant
  • Full-service, professional portfolio management

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