Plan Sponsors

Investment Products


TIAA-CREF distinguishes itself by making products that provide lifetime income options2 the foundation of its platform — offering plan sponsors a comprehensive approach to investment menu design that supports both asset accumulation potential and retirement income options.

Retirement Income Options – a foundation to get employees through retirement

  • Products that provide lifetime income options


  • In-plan annuities, which offer advantages such as:
    • Potential for lower cost vs. purchasing an annuity outside the plan
    • Increased likelihood that participants will annuitize
    • Management of downside risk and increased potential for retirement income


  • Practical administrative and cost advantages offered by the ability to provide potential for both asset accumulation and lifetime income on a single platform

Potential for Asset Accumulation to get participants to retirement

  • Open architecture for participants, plan sponsors and consultants, including mutual funds, target date fund options and an optional brokerage window
  • Funds from TIAA-CREF across major asset classes

Please keep in mind that there are risks associated with investing in securities including loss of principal.

Potential for Asset Accumulation

A higher standard for fiduciary success

When these products are combined with an employee engagement model that includes both guidance and advice services to support a wide range of participant needs, you have a strategy for meeting and exceeding your fiduciary responsibilities and setting employees on the path to planning for their retirement readiness.

Investment Guidance

  • Educational materials
  • Online planning tools
  • Seminars and webinars

Investment Advice

  • Advisors providing advice on the plan’s investment options
  • Over the phone, online or in-person
  • On-premise and in-plan