Plan Sponsors

Employee Services

The success of your retirement plan, and your employees’ readiness for retirement, depends on employee engagement and ongoing participation. TIAA-CREF employee services are focused on helping you meet your duty as a plan fiduciary by helping your employees understand and appreciate the importance of enrolling, and then ensuring they remain engaged through targeted communication, education and advice programs that are relevant to their life stage needs.

Ongoing Communication

We provide a comprehensive set of enrollment communications designed to motivate your eligible employees to participate in the plan. Once enrolled, we support you in fulfilling your responsibility to deliver a variety of ongoing communications. Our goal is to make your job easier — from notification of plan changes to required annual regulatory notifications, along with statements, confirmations and investment performance information in between.

Education that’s relevant to your employees

Whether enrolling online and using the My TIAA-CREF website for ongoing monitoring, reading through action-oriented communications and publications, or speaking with our helpful consultants, advisors and service representatives, the information your employees receive is targeted to where they are on the road to retirement.

This targeted approach is successful because we take a comprehensive look at your participant data, analyzing various cuts to better understand your employee population. We then apply this information and our segmentation strategy to create a comprehensive communication, education and advice plan that identifies key areas of focus, appropriate channels, messages and tactics.

Personalized advice and planning

Your participants receive personalized retirement planning advice and guidance on their retirement plan portfolio that can take into account their total assets. TIAA-CREF Financial Consultants are prepared to answer employee questions, help them think through their goals, and develop a plan that’s uniquely suited to them. In addition, Individual Advisory Services are offered to participants with more complex financial planning needs, including estate and tax planning.

Each individual receives the service level appropriate to their needs, including:

  • Guidance and Education that include basic plan information, retirement planning counseling, financial education seminars and assistance with online planning tools.
  • Retirement Action Plan, which indicates if an individual’s savings rate is on track to meet retirement income goals, and proposes investment options from all funds available through your plan. Employees choose whether to work with a TIAA-CREF Financial Consultant one-on-one, in person or by phone, or to use the Retirement Advisor online advice tool.1
  • Retirement Plan Portfolio Manager (RPPM), a fee-based advisory service (known as a Qualified Managed Account) that will automatically implement the advice employees receive in an advice session, then periodically review and adjust the portfolio as circumstances warrant.2
  • Wealth Management and Financial Planning Services a dedicated advisor and advisory team, who provide a range of more customized financial planning services as needed to address more complex needs.

TIAA-CREF’s Financial Consultants can deliver advice services to employees on-site, via phone or at our offices. A dedicated team of consultants and advisors will support participants locally, and team members in the National Call Center are trained to further service the plan. In addition, a telephone-based advice and investment services group will conduct advice sessions by appointment.

Easy multichannel access for information when and how your employees want it

Online productivity and social media have ‘changed the game’ for plan participants of all ages. TIAA-CREF provides powerful online and technical capabilities, along with a portfolio of communication and education media to meet varied participant preferences.