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Our Consultant Relations team is dedicated to serving and supporting the consultant community through phone conferences, meetings and site visits. Our goal is to give you the information and tools you need so that you can feel confident recommending TIAA-CREF investment products and services to your clients.

  • For pension consultants, we send a quarterly e-newsletter, TIAA-CREF Consultant Connections.
  • For investment-only consultants, we send a quarterly e-newsletter, TIAA-CREF Asset Management.

If you are not already receiving an e-newsletter, please contact a member of the Consultant Relations team to begin receiving your copy.

Consultants Tool Kit

Contact the Consultant Relations Team

Head of Consultant Relations
Tony Cox
(770) 512-3546

Consultant Relations - Northeast
Gina Golson Nunery
(215) 587-8528

Consultant Relations - Southeast
Michael J. Holmes
(770) 512-3576

Consultant Relations - Central
Rick Donley
(614) 659-1051

Consultant Relations - West
John Middlebrook
(415) 882-3651

Consultant Relations, Relationship Manager
Nea Martinez - Central & West
(303) 607-2822

Consultant Relations, Relationship Manager
Herman Scriven - East
(202) 637-8929

Consultant Relations, Data Management
Larry Loomis
(303) 626-4839