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Partnering with Pension and Investment Consultants
TIAA-CREF is committed to helping you provide the best retirement and savings plans for your clients, as well as leading investment products for investment-only platforms. The TIAA-CREF Consultant Relations team is here to work with you on retirement plan administration, open-architecture investment menus and understanding our proprietary products, and to provide TIAA-CREF’s perspective on investments, industry trends and regulatory issues.

Investment-only consultants, to learn more about TIAA-CREF investments for your clients’ investment platforms, visit our TIAA-CREF Asset Management site .

A Strong Partner 
TIAA-CREF is dedicated to partnering with you and your clients for the benefit of the plan sponsors' employees. Our integrated service model is designed to deliver what we believe to be the best total value to your clients. And you can count on us through market ups and downs.

TIAA-CREF offers services designed to streamline your clients’ responsibilities, and provides support through a dedicated website, a liaison and an administrator telephone center. We also provide complete regulatory compliance, including our innovative web-based tool, Compliance Coordinator

Communications and Tools 
TIAA-CREF provides you with the news and tools that you need in discussing TIAA-CREF with your clients.

Consultant Relations Contacts 
Highly specialized TIAA-CREF professionals are dedicated to the needs of pension and investment consultants and their clients.

Contact the Consultant Relations Team

Head of Consultant RelationsTony Cox(770) 512-3546

Consultant Relations - Northeast
Gina Golson Nunery
(215) 587-8528

Relationship Manager - Northeast
Herman Scriven
(202) 637-8929

Consultant Relations - Southeast
Michael J. Holmes
(770) 512-3576

Relationship Manager - Southeast
Dan Disciullo
(202) 637-8997

Consultant Relations - Central
Rick Donley
(614) 659-1051

Relationship Manager - Central
Marcel Carter
(303) 607-2670

Consultant Relations - West
John Middlebrook
(415) 882-3651

Relationship Manager - West
Mike Rosenberg
(626) 432-6306

Consultant Relations, Relationship Management
Nea Martinez
(303) 607-2822

Consultant Relations, Data Management
Larry Loomis
(303) 626-4839

Michael Mc Atamney
Government Sector - National
480 350-3207