It started 50+ years ago

In 1962, the Kansas Board of Regents selected TIAA-CREF to provide pension services for employees at KBOR institutions. The decision ushered in a “new frontier” of retirement planning and preparation. Throughout it all, TIAA-CREF has been privileged to help thousands of Kansas education professionals prepare for the retirement they want and deserve.

Anticipating the next 50 years

TIAA-CREF and KBOR have worked to evolve and refine the pension plan, its offerings and their delivery. And while KBOR and TIAA-CREF can’t predict what the world will look 50 years from now, both organizations are committed to giving you the potential for a smarter, better, more rewarding retirement…wherever the century may take you.

Commemorating the Progress

Look at how the world and Kansas have changed since 1962. And see how TIAA-CREF has been part of progress of these past decades — and remains a proud partner as we look forward to the years to come.

Make your own kind of history

KBOR and TIAA-CREF have helped two generations of Kansas education professionals prepare for retirement — and to make their own kind of history on their own terms.
KBOR and TIAA-CREF took the first steps in planning for your retirement more than 50 years ago. Now it’s your turn to join the progress and become even better prepared for retirement. Quickly and easily, you can:

  • Enroll in the TIAA-CREF plan options
  • Increase your contributions
  • Get personalized investment advice from a TIAA-CREF Consultant.

Join the progress

Don’t wait another minute to take advantage of the many tools and resources that TIAA-CREF makes available to KBOR employees. Watch for our educational and advice programs, including workshops, online tools and enhanced communication resources. And, of course,

  • Mutual funds
  • Lifecycle funds
  • Fixed and variable annuities
  • The potential for lifetime income, backed by TIAA’s claims-paying ability
  • Personalized, fund-by-fund advice

Now is a great time to take advantage of all that the retirement plans have to offer — and join in the progress.

So wherever you are on the path to retirement, have a talk with us about your investments, your present situation…and the kind of history you want to make.

TIAA-CREF’s resources for KBOR participants are always available

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