Retirement Plan Solutions for K-12 School Districts

Trends in the Public K-12 Market

TIAA-CREF: Retirement Solutions for K-12 School DistrictsAmerica’s educators face greater pressures today than ever, through expanding class sizes, flat or nominal wage increases, and challenges with state defined benefit funding levels. The solvency of Social Security remains a worry and K-12 teachers and staff throughout the country question whether or not they’ll be able to retire.

Strength Through Partnership: K-12 School Districts & TIAA-CREF

Strength Through Partnership: K-12 School Districts & TIAA-CREFFaced with this increasingly complex environment, it can be a challenge for you to help your employees financially prepare for retirement. In addition, requirements in the 403(b) regulations make your responsibility as administrator and fiduciary greater than ever. TIAA-CREF is here to help – we offer a comprehensive retirement solution for K-12 plans, at a competitive price. 

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