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Administration Services


TIAA-CREF provides support and services that simplify day-to-day plan administration tasks for your clients.

Secure plan administrator website

  • Convenient online access to data and plan administration services
  • Publications, forms, employee resources and help
  • Plan, regulatory and participant-level reports

Dedicated service team

  • Lead point of contact for administration and recordkeeping support
  • Assistance with new plans, product and service implementations
  • Backed by dedicated pay-in and pay-out processing teams

Administrator telephone center

  • Representatives with real-time access to your clients' data
  • Assistance with execution of daily responsibilities
  • Support for TIAA-CREF’s administrative policies and procedures

Regulatory compliance

TIAA-CREF's recordkeeping platform, processing standards and trained teams of professionals are ready to meet your clients’ current and future compliance needs.

Comprehensive Fiduciary and Compliance Services
Governance & Policy
Testing & MonitoringReporting & Notices
Fiduciary educationContribution LimitsFinancial Reporting Package
Plan document servicesLoans and hardshipsFee Disclosure
Investment servicesNondiscriminationParticipant notifications

Loan and Hardship Coordination Service

Created in partnership with a leading data aggregation company, Advent Software, Inc., our loan and hardship coordination service:

  • Helps prevent non-compliant transactions before they occur
  • Is Web-based, so transactions are electronic
  • Allows users to view individual and aggregated loan and hardship withdrawal limits
  • Provides compliance data across all vendors
  • Verifies loan and hardship withdrawal limits compliance through enhanced reporting
  • Is open to all vendors
  • Helps ensure data integrity: vendors have access only to information they need and data is used only for compliance-monitoring purposes

Flow Chart of Loan and Hardship Coordination Service

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