Our Approach


Investing with confidence through all types of market conditions

Investment styles may fall in and out of favor, but we remain faithful to our proven approach that measures results by the long-term success of our clients. Our consistent, prudent investment processes are aimed at producing competitive, risk-adjusted returns over time.

A discipline that keeps us focused

Our investment discipline generates consistency in our portfolio construction and risk management. Our offerings stay true to their established objectives and repeatable investment processes.

Putting experience to work

Career senior analysts put their best ideas into practice by managing billions of dollars in sector portfolios, and centralized research looks at all of the industry sectors from a global perspective.

Taking a broader look before we invest

Our public market equity and fixed income analysts collaborate for a more complete evaluation of each company’s well-being before we invest.

Short-term opportunities for long-term value

Our fundamental research skill and perspective help identify short-term opportunities that have potential to add value over the long term.

The added value of dedicated analysts

At TIAA-CREF, research is a career path, not simply a stepping-stone toward portfolio management. Investment analysts partner with our expert portfolio managers, providing them with a deep, detailed analysis that complements their global perspective and helps them uncover new, sustainable opportunities for growth

Putting our investment philosophy to good use.

We successfully navigated the collapse of the credit markets by minimizing TIAA-CREF’s exposure to subprime securities in 2003—four years before the onset of the credit crisis.1