Asset Management

Our Approach

Being disciplined isn’t a passing fad. Managing for risk is not something new. Bottom-up fundamental and quantitative research are not the latest catchphrases. These are smart, effective processes we’ve based our organization on from the beginning.

Every investment we make goes through a rigorous analysis to help ensure our portfolios remain true to their objectives. As a result, our clients don’t have to worry whether style drift will affect their asset allocation and expose them to more risk than they planned for.

The advantage of access

TIAA-CREF is among the most respected and successful investment managers in the world thanks to our decades of consistent results. And we use that to our advantage. The size and reputation of TIAA-CREF gives our portfolio managers and analysts access to companies and opportunities throughout the world.

Our investment teams have their feet on the ground, visiting companies and assets to ensure they understand what’s beneath the reported financials.

The added value of dedicated analysts

At TIAA-CREF, research is a career path, not simply a stepping-stone toward portfolio management. Investment analysts partner with our expert portfolio managers, providing them with a deep, detailed analysis that complements their global perspective and helps them uncover new, sustainable opportunities for growth

A smart answer to managing risk

Investors are often faced with the challenge of seeking to outperform the market without taking on too much risk. They need to trust that the organizations managing their assets make risk management a priority. Our solution is an independent risk-management team that reports directly to our President and CEO, in addition to strict risk protocols followed by our investment teams.

The Enterprise Risk Management Division assists the entire organization with developing broad based risk parameters and guidelines and then assessing every opportunity against those risks. This helps us avoid unnecessary risk while, at the same time, enabling us to uncover new opportunities for growth.