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Meet the Professionals - Senior Leadership

Leadership Team

Investing is about making choices. The experts at TIAA-CREF are some of the most tenured and passionate in the industry. In total, the team consists of more than 300 seasoned investment professionals. On average, team members have 17 years of experience in a variety of backgrounds. They are knowledgeable, collaborative and centralized, which leads to greater synergy and the potential to make optimal investment decisions on behalf of clients.

Robert G. LearyRob Leary
Executive Vice President, President of Asset Management
Carol DeckbarCarol Deckbar
Executive Vice President and CEO,
TIAA-CREF Asset Management
Lisa Black Lisa Black 
Senior Managing Director,
CIO and Head of Global Public Markets
Tim HopperTim Hopper
Managing Director,
Chief Economist, TIAA-CREF
Daniel MorrisDaniel Morris
CFA, Managing Director, and
Global Investment Strategist
Bill Riegel William Riegel 
Senior Managing Director,
Chief Investment Officer,
TIAA-CREF Asset Management
Heather Davis Heather Davis 
Senior Managing Director,
Chief Investment Officer,
Private Markets Investments
Thomas GarbuttThomas Garbutt
Senior Managing Director,
Head of Global Real Estate
Thomas Franks Thomas Franks 
Senior Managing Director,
Chief Investment Officer,
Global Equity Investments