Advisors Working with Individuals

TIAA-CREF is the leading provider of retirement plans for universities and other education-oriented institutions, and the nation's largest provider of defined contribution plans using traditional and variable annuities.

For clients who participate in our TIAA-CREF funded retirement plans, you as their advisor can now provide more comprehensive investment advice and manage all assets in an aggregated portfolio. TIAA-CREF's objective is to guarantee you exemplary service, allowing you and our mutual client the ability to enjoy the benefits of TIAA-CREF's investment expertise and very low expenses1. The result is a better-served shared client.

We offer an array of payout options, and even after-annuitization assets can be transferred among TIAA-CREF investment options.

In addition, assets from other corporate or government plans or IRAs, as well as spousal assets, can be consolidated into TIAA-CREF IRAs and Keoghs.