Advisors Working with Individuals

Your clients can make direct transfers or rollovers of their retirement plan money from other companies to TIAA-CREF. To do so, they must complete both the current carrier's form (if required) and the TIAA-CREF form.

Tax-free rollovers are permitted between qualified plans, 403(b) plans, governmental 457(b) plans, and all IRAs. For rollovers to any account other than an IRA, contact the benefit office of the administrating institution for information about plan rules.

Transfer Policies

TIAA-CREF requires no minimum or maximum transfers or rollovers. Transfers or rollovers can be made at any time, and TIAA-CREF currently charges no fees for them.

How Long Does It Take?

The request to transfer the funds should be sent to the other carrier within 3 working days of our receiving all completed paperwork. The typical time for the transfer to be completed is two to three weeks after we receive all completed paperwork, which must include a waiver stating that the individual is aware that the funds he/she is transferring will be subject to the rules of the plan to which the funds are being transferred.

Be sure to carefully consider differences in features, costs, charges and expenses, services, company strength and other important aspects. There may also be surrender charges and tax consequences associated with the transfer. Indirect transfers may be subject to taxation and penalties. Clients should consult with their own advisors regarding your particular situation.