Workplace savings plan among most important factors for pre-retirees


According to a recent survey conducted by a major investment company, a large part of retirement readiness among the country's older citizens is tied to the availability of a workplace savings plan.

A survey conducted early in 2011 revealed that Americans are on track to replace close to 64 percent of their current income in retirement. While this figure is still lower than the number needed for a healthy retirement, it is close enough that many retirees could experience a secure post-career life.

The report also showed that including Social Security, the most prepared seniors are successfully on track to replace 100 percent of their pre-retirement income once they retire. The least prepared group is on track to replace 46 percent, including Social Security. However, both groups have a mean household income of $93,000. The difference between the divisions is their commitment to saving, participation in workplace savings plans and attitude regarding stashing funds, the report shows.

In addition, the more prepared sector is more likely to deal with financial advisor to help shape their post-career lives, according to the report.