Investing for Life's Goals (PDF)
Start saving today for the things you want tomorrow. This brochure will show you how TIAA-CREF mutual funds and Brokerage Services can help you put aside money for the things that are important to you.

Create a Budget
Establishing a budget is a good way to manage your finances, and it's an essential first step toward building a healthy financial statement and increasing your net worth.

Budgeting guidelines for managing income and debt
Determine how much to budget as a percentage of your take-home income.

Short-Term Goals
There are several angles to consider when saving for short-term goals. Here's a rundown.

Investing vs. Saving
Here are some tips to help you find a comfortable balance of risk and return potential that will meet your needs.

Building an all-in-one portfolio with lifestyle funds
No time or inclination to create a diversified and risk-appropriate portfolio? Select a lifestyle fund to do the work for you.

Teach Your Kids About Money (PDF)
If you're a parent, teach your children about the value of money.

Should You Sell Your Home... (PDF)
If your home has appreciated in value, consider these eight points before selling it for a profit.

Socially Responsible Investing
More and more investors are equally motivated to make money and encourage a positive change in the world and their local communities.

Investing in Real Estate
An asset class worth considering