Whether you’re just starting out, getting ready to retire, or already in retirement, TIAA-CREF Financial Consultants can help keep you on track — at no additional cost to you. Informed by decades of company experience, our know-how can help you create a retirement portfolio that’s right for you.

In 2014, TIAA-CREF delivered more than 230,000 advice consultations to people just like you, online and in-person.1

One-on-one meetings

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Get answers to your financial questions and receive a financial plan with action steps to keep your portfolio aligned with your goals.

Of those who took advantage of our advice in 2012, two-thirds who met with us in-person, and 54% who used our online planning tools took action –choosing to save more, revisit their portfolio allocation or rebalance their portfolio.1

Call 800-842-2888 to speak with a TIAA-CREF Financial Consultant or schedule a meeting online.

Online planning tools

You can use these tools prior to meeting with a consultant or we can take you through, step by step.

Retirement Advisor
This simple but powerful service can create a plan that can let you know if you’re saving enough to support the kind of retirement you want.

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Retirement Income Planner
Designed for people within 10 years of retirement, this tool can help analyze your current financial assets and show you how different options can provide varying amounts of income for different time periods.

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