Tools & Calculators

Save for retirement

Retirement Advisor
Answer a few questions to get a retirement plan created for you.


Retirement Income Planner
Help to evaluate your retirement readiness and maximize your income payouts.


Asset Allocation Evaluator
See sample portfolios based on your answers to a few questions.


Retirement Goal Evaluator
Calculating your financial needs is the first step when determining if you’re on track for retirement.


IRA Contribution Limit 
Find out how much you can contribute to a Traditional and Roth IRA — and how much is tax-deductible.

Plan for your goals

Savings Calculator
Determine how much to save each month to help meet your goals.


Compound Interest
Calculate the impact of compound interest on the funds in your savings account.


529 College Savings Tool
See how much you should save each month for college costs.


Saving4College Smartphone App
Use our College Savings Planner to manage your college funding goals and how you plan to help meet them.


Budget Worksheet (PDF)
Build a budget to help you start managing your money and reaching your goals using 10 easy steps.


Preretirement and Retirement Budget Worksheet (PDF) 
Create a budget to help get a general idea of your expenses as you approach retirement and while in retirement.

Select the right product

Find a TIAA-CREF IRA Solution
Ready to save, but not sure which TIAA-CREF IRA is right for you? Find a solution in less than 5 minutes.


Selecting the Right IRA
Is a Roth or Traditional IRA right for you? Compare the effects different types of IRAs have on your finances.


Roth IRA Conversion
Find out if it makes sense for you to convert your existing IRA savings to a Roth account.


Investment performance
Create performance graphs for variable annuities offered through our retirement plans, SRAs and IRAs.

Determine insurance needs

Life Insurance Premium Quotes
How much will life insurance cost? Get an estimate on annual premiums for the policies available in your state.

Life Insurance Needs Analysis
Assess your coverage needs with this net worth and income-replacement evaluator.

Maximize tax deferral

Tax Advantage Calculator
Estimate your long-term growth potential when putting money in a tax-deferred annuity.


Calculate TDA Contributions
Determine the maximum amount you can contribute to a supplemental tax-deferred savings plan.


Minimum Distribution Calculator
Determine how much you’re required to withdraw from your retirement accounts when you turn 70½.


Keogh Contribution Calculator
Saving your self-employment income for retirement? Get your Keogh limit here.

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