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Four ways to stretch your retirement income further

If you have not adequately planned so that your retirement income sources will meet your projected expenses, don’t despair. There are a number of ways to stretch your retirement income.

Four money pointers for working in retirement

Many retirees end up returning to paid jobs because of difficulty making ends meet or because they miss working.

Survive or thrive? Retirement income planning may be key

Whatever your retirement dream is, it's time to get real about how much you may need to generate income.

How to Guarantee Income in Retirement

How much money should you save for retirement? And will your savings be enough to cover your living expenses when you no longer draw a paycheck?

Social Security Benefits: Why Waiting to Claim May Be the Right Choice

When preparing for retirement, deciding when to claim Social Security benefits is one of the biggest decisions.

Working in retirement and your Social Security benefits

You may continue working after you are eligible for Social Security retirement benefits, for a variety of reasons.

Nearing retirement but don't feel financially ready? Five steps to take

More than two-thirds of near-retirees don’t feel prepared for retirement. Are you? Read our five steps you can take today.

Four Ways to Avoid Outliving Your Money

Thanks to improved health and medical advances there's a good chance that you may live into your 80s — and beyond.

Six Steps to Pursue a Comfortable Retirement

As you approach retirement, there are steps you need to take to ensure your savings can last a lifetime.

Save for Retirement With an Outcome in Mind

When most people think about retirement, their biggest concern is having enough money to live on.

Factoring Healthcare Costs Into Your Retirement Planning

As you plan for retirement, don't overlook the impact that healthcare costs could have on your retirement security.

How to Juggle Saving for Retirement With Leaving a Legacy

As you’re saving for retirement, you want to make sure you’ll have enough money to live comfortably once you stop working — but you may also want to leave behind a legacy.

Six Financial Planning Considerations for Leaders Nearing Retirement

If you are a university leader thinking about retiring in the next decade, be prudent in the planning process.

Retirement Preparation and Crucial Decisions

Retirement is like a flight destination: Once it's clearly within sight, there are things you need to do to prepare for landing.

How a 40-Year-Old Can Help with Your Retirement

Forty years ago, Ford introduced the Mustang II, Muhammad Ali knocked out George Foreman to regain the heavyweight title and New York City's WPIX-FM premiered the first radio program dedicated to the new music craze – disco.

Do you know how to invest your retirement savings?

One-third of Americans are not familiar with the options in their retirement savings plan.

Saving at Any Stage: Living in Retirement

If you’re retired, you should keep monitoring your savings. Many of us will live 20 years or more in retirement, with women living even longer than men.

Saving at Any Stage: Nearing Retirement

If you’re nearing retirement, your main goals are to keep contributing to your retirement account, and decide how and when you will step away from work.

Having the Talk: Couples and Retirement Planning

As a couple, planning for retirement is among the most important decisions you and your spouse will make.

How to Avoid Outliving Your Retirement Nest Egg

Learn about strategies that can help you avoid running out of money when taking retirement savings withdrawals.

It's National Save for Retirement Week

TIAA-CREF CEO Roger Ferguson emphasizes the importance of saving. It’s never too early — or too late — to get started.

Can You Retire Early?

If you have enough guaranteed income and investment assets to last for the rest of your life, you may have the ability to retire early.

Retiring Soon? Consider Consolidating Your Retirement Accounts Into One IRA

Simplification and lower fees make consolidation an attractive option.

Product Taxation at a Glance

A taxation overview of retirement plans, IRAs, annuities, insurance and mutual funds.

Retiring With Holes in Your Safety Net

If you’re nearing retirement and not feeling financially ready, these steps can help you get on track.

Does a Roth IRA Conversion Make Sense for You?

Roth IRA conversions can be an attractive option — make sure you know the advantages and things to consider.

The Financially Savvy Retiree

Today, people have far more options and tools available to them to help them plan their retirement.

Myths of Retirement

Some common myths about retirement can undermine your financial well-being.

Retiring with debt? What you need to know.

Americans are nearing retirement while carrying greater amounts of mortgage debt, loans or credit card balances.

Retirement Income Planning 101

At any age, you need a game plan for generating income from various sources of retirement savings.

Investing for Multiple Goals with Mutual Funds

Mutual funds may be used to help you invest for a variety of goals such as retirement, a home purchase, or building up emergency savings.

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