Investing for Multiple Goals with Mutual Funds


Pen pointing to graphsA mutual fund pools money from many investors to buy securities (like stocks and bonds) selected to meet specific goals, which are outlined in the fund’s prospectus. Mutual funds are managed by professional investment advisors, and because they are diversified — composed of a mix of securities — usually carry less risk and are less expensive than buying many stocks or bonds individually.

How can investing in mutual funds help me reach my goals?

  • Saving for retirement — Chances are you have a retirement plan at work. But will it be enough? Mutual funds can offer options for a wide range of risk profiles to help supplement your current plan, no matter your timeline.
  • Saving for a new home — Growing family? Have your eye on that bigger place? Whatever your real estate plans may be, mutual funds may help you make your move a reality.
  • Saving for a rainy day — It’s a fact of life that emergencies pop up when you least expect them. Consider a range of mutual fund options — including a money market fund that offers ease of liquidity and access to your investment.
  • Saving for other goals — Received a bonus? Saving for a child’s education? Inherited some money? Now the big question: Where do you invest it? An experienced financial consultant can help you decide which mutual funds would be a smart choice for your unique situation.

How do I choose the right fund for me?

For a convenient, simplified approach to investing, you may want to consider Lifecycle Funds. Alternatively, you can follow these steps to find mutual funds that match your objectives.


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