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Investing a Lump Sum of Cash

You may invest steadily every month through your workplace retirement plan. But what if it’s bonus season and you’ve received a big check? Or you’ve received proceeds from selling a vacation home, or come into an inheritance?

How Asset Allocation Can Help You

Take a few minutes to better understand how asset allocation works and how it can help you.

What to Do When Markets Are Volatile

If market volatility has you second guessing your investment approach, consider these points before making any moves.

Top 5 Reasons to Get Financial Advice When You're Starting Out

Looking to make a change with your money? Consider seeking financial advice to help you take a step in the right direction.

Is socially responsible investing right for you?

More investors are taking an interest in socially responsible investing (SRI), which looks beyond financial performance.

Bond Prices and Interest Rates: How They Work Together

Before you invest in bonds, you should learn which factors could affect how prices can rise and fall with changes in interest rates.

Want to lessen portfolio risk? Consider adding riskier assets.

Proper diversification requires owning different types of stocks and bonds and other assets in the U.S. and overseas.

What type of investor are you?

Just like physical conditioning, ensuring your fitness as an investor requires a strategy and a long-term commitment to tending to your financial health.

Investing in Government Bonds

U.S. government bonds are debt securities issued by the United States to support government spending.

Bond Fund or Individual Bonds: Which investment is right for you?

Get a summary of the main differences between a bond fund vs individual bonds and decide what's right for you.

Why You Should Consider Investing in Fixed Income

Regardless of your age or financial situation, investing in fixed-income securities can play an important role in your long-term strategy.

Letting a Professional Handle It: The Benefits of a Managed Account

Will your investments help you reach your financial goals?

A Lifecycle Fund Can Simplify Your Retirement Investing

If you don't have hours to spend maintaining your retirement account, then a lifecycle fund may be for you.

Mutual Funds and Annuities as Investment Options in Your Retirement Plan

Learn how mutual funds and annuities work and what they offer for your retirement savings.

The Basics of Municipal Bonds

If you’re looking for an investment that provides income, you may want to consider tax-exempt municipal bonds.

Mutual Funds: Is an Actively Managed or Index Fund Best for You?

If you invest in mutual funds, you may already know how varied the choices are.

Five Basics of Long-term Investing

If you have long-term goals, saving and investing for them now should be one of your top priorities.

Refresh Your Memory on Investing Basics

A quick refresher of things to consider — including diversification and asset allocation.

How Should You Invest the Funds in Your IRA?

It's okay if you're not an experienced investor and don't have hours to spend building an investment strategy. Consider investing in a lifecycle fund.

Investing vs. Saving

Some people think of investing and saving as the same thing, but what's the difference?

Start Saving and Investing Now

If you haven't started saving and investing for your future, there's no better time than now.

Asset Classes

An asset class is a group of securities that have similar financial characteristics.

Investing Basics

How you organize your finances now will play a large role in your future.

Exploring Lifestyle Funds

Lifestyle funds are designed to simplify an investor’s selection of a diversified, risk-appropriate portfolio.

Mutual Funds 101

A mutual fund offers simplicity, diversification and the flexibility to redeem shares on request.

Investing for Multiple Goals with Mutual Funds

Mutual funds may be used to help you invest for a variety of goals such as retirement, a home purchase, or building up emergency savings.

The Real World of Money Management

The first few years out of college may be financially challenging, but there are steps that can help.

Tough Decisions About Decision Making

Couples should tackle financial planning together in case one person loses the ability to make decisions.

Women and Fraud: Protecting Yourself

With fraud on the rise, it’s important to know the different methods and how to protect yourself.

Eight Things to Do Before You Say “I Do”

Here are some steps you can take to help you and your spouse lead a financially healthy lifestyle.

Beneficiary Designations

When you started contributing to a retirement plan, you named your beneficiaries. Do they need to be updated?

Annuity Basics

While your retirement goals may be complex, an annuity can help make meeting those goals simple.

Dismantling The Myths of Annuities - Part 1

Annuities have a bad reputation among some people — but not necessarily a well-deserved one.

Dismantling The Myths of Annuities - Part 2

More basics about fixed and variable annuities.

Investing in Real Estate: An Asset Class Worth Considering

You are likely familiar with the potential benefits and risks of investing in stocks and bonds, but are you aware of real estate as an asset class?

Preparing for Divorce: Tips for Protecting Your Financial Health

If you're contemplating divorce, you want to be sure you have a firm grasp on your financial situation.

Tips for Financial Security After a Divorce

A divorce can be emotionally and financially draining. There are steps you can consider to help protect yourself.

Shopping at Global Markets

The global economic downturn shouldn’t discourage you from including non-U.S. stocks and bonds in a diversified portfolio.

Rebalancing Your Portfolio

As you save for your financial goals, be sure you regularly evaluate your asset allocation, diversification, and risk so you stay on target.

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