Many of our clients want to simplify their investments as they near retirement. Here’s a hypothetical example of how we can help our clients achieve this goal.

Extra income…extra planning

Gwen is a professor at a leading university. She received extra income from writing several books over the years. Gwen considers herself a savvy investor and hopes to save most of her additional income. She knows she needs a diversified portfolio, but wants to combine her assets for simplified tracking. She plans to retire at 70.

Making a plan together

Gwen sets up a meeting with her TIAA-CREF Advisor. She tells her Advisor that she’s interested in retiring within five years and wants to invest as much as she can from her book deals.

Her Advisor updates her personal profile that covers issues like: determining her financial goals, risk tolerance and financial analysis. With this in mind, they talk about possible solutions that range from a self employed retirement plan to Portfolio Advisor, a managed accounts solution.

With her Advisor’s help, Gwen decides on Portfolio Advisor Program.1 She understands that her IRA and taxable assets will be in one plan and managed in a tax-advantaged strategy that she chooses.

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