Has Your Insurance Kept Pace With Your Life?


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What is needed to maintain the right portfolio of insurance coverage changes over time, and depends on many factors, including:

  • Property you own
  • The amount of income your family needs
  • The number of people who depend upon you for support

Review your life insurance needs and coverage annually

If you have a change in...Consider reviewing or obtaining the following coverage:
Income, or your income needs changeLife and disability income insurance
Your number of dependents, such as the arrival of a child or the support of elderly parentsLife and disability income insurance
Marital statusLife, medical, automobile, homeowners, long-term care insurance
Real estate holdingsProperty and excess liability ("umbrella") insurance
Valuables bought or sold (e.g., antiques, art, china, musical instruments)Homeowner's coverage or specialized insurance, depending on the value of your collection
Employment statusLife, medical, disability income or long-term care insurance
Retiree discounts are sometimes available for automobile and homeowners policies

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