A Message from CEO Roger Ferguson

National Save for Retirement Week, October 21-26, is a nationwide effort dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of saving for retirement.

At TIAA-CREF, we are committed to making financial well-being possible for our customers. One of the keys to achieving financial well-being is saving for retirement, and it’s never too early – or too late – to start.

There’s added urgency these days due to dramatic changes in the retirement landscape. The United States is facing a demographic shift as a result of the aging of our population, traditional pensions are no longer common in the private sector, Social Security is under pressure, and continued economic challenges and volatility have many people on unsteady ground. And as we live longer, we’ll also need to translate our savings into lifetime income that might be needed for decades.

Whether you’re just starting out, nearing, or in retirement we hope you’ll take the time this week to review your retirement goals and explore the many resources we’ve assembled here to help you get on track and stay on track for retirement.

Years from now, let’s look back on this week as the time you got started or gave your retirement savings a boost.