CREF Board of Overseers

Once CREF was registered as an investment company under the 1940 Investment Company Act, the responsibility for electing members of the CREF Board of Trustees shifted from the CREF Board of Overseers to CREF participants.

Today the primary duties of the CREF Board of Overseers are to:

  • See that CREF adheres to its mission as defined in its charter
  • Schedule the annual meeting for the election of CREF's Board of Trustees
  • Define the voting rules
  • Amend the CREF charter, constitution and bylaws, when necessary

Overseers' Biographies

CREF Board of Trustees

The CREF Board of Trustees normally comprises ten individuals who oversee the management of CREF. All of them are independent trustees, that is, “outside” individuals who are not executive officers or former employees of TIAA or CREF.

As a matter of policy, the positions of Chairman of the CREF Board of Trustees and Chief Executive Officer of CREF are held by different individuals.

Trustees’ Biographies

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Questions and inquiries regarding corporate governance should be sent to:

TIAA and CREF Trustees
c/o Office of the Corporate Secretary
730 Third Avenue
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