TIAA-CREF has a longstanding history of actively supporting the development of responsible investment principles. Our commitment is a multi-faceted effort and involves these key approaches:

Developing and advancing
responsible investment practices
Engaging with our portfolio companies
and other stakeholders

Incorporating environmental, social
and governance factors in investment
Promoting transparency and

Shareholder engagement is the ongoing dialogue between investors and companies about how management is serving the economic interests of corporate owners. These dialogues support our proxy voting , a basic responsibility of share ownership.

Each year, TIAA-CREF’s in-house team of professionals votes at over 9,000 companies on a variety of issues, including the election of directors, the approval of executive compensation, and corporate social and environmental policies and practices.  We do not outsource our voting to third parties.

Our Policy Statement on Corporate Governance (PDF) details our expectations for corporate governance and social responsibility.

Companies are interested in understanding shareholders’ voting decisions.  We seek to create a relationship of trust with companies through quiet dialogue, which allows us to explain the rationale for our votes, listen to the company’s perspective, and resolve conflicts in a collegial manner.

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